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Airbnb/Short-Term Rental



We guarantee your satisfaction on all our Airbnb/short term rental cleanings where the host has provided a custom checklist with photos to reference. We will keep these checklists in our system under your client notes and reference them each time we clean your property. (If you need a sample of what we mean, please ask). If anything is missed and it results in a guest complaint, we will come and do a free cleaning during your guest’s stay, if they desire. Any complaints about any missed items that are not a part of the checklist are not covered under our guarantee and our regular rates will apply for any touch up cleanings. (We may then alter the checklist to avoid the same complaint in the future, if you desire).

We will do our best to accommodate bookings that occur on notice shorter than 48 hours, but we cannot guarantee our availability in that case. Please also let us know if you have a same day check in. If a clean switches to a same day check in, we need to be given at least 48 hours notice to guarantee our ability to clean within the window.

We have 3 forms of billing: 

At the time of service.  Payment will be due by 9pm the night of your service or a $10 late fee will apply.

Monthly. An invoice for all cleanings occurring the month prior will be sent out on the 1st of the month and due by the 3rd of the month by 9pm. A late fee of 10% of the total owed balace will apply for payments made after 9pm on the 3rd.

Pay by check. You may arrange to pay by check. Checks must be mailed in time to be received by our office within 15 days of the invoice. A 10% late fee will apply to all checks that arrive after this date. 

Any accounts we are unable to collect on will be sent to a collections agency and be subject to a 35% collections fee. We are unable to make any exceptions on our late fee policy.

Cleanings that take longer than the average scheduled time will result in a higher charge. We recommend charging your guest for these additional rates, should they occur.

Please keep us up to date on any changes that occur in your schedule. We recommend that we touch base the end of every month to sync our schedules the following month to ensure no appointments are missed. In the event we are not informed of a cancellation and we show up to perform the cleaning, an $80 fee (or full amount of cleaning if cleaning is typically less than $80) to cover workers cost and travel will apply. Due to servicing so many bnbs, we are unable to track your cleaning needs by an app or other means. It is your responsibility to keep us informed of when cleanings are needed.

If your guest cancels their appointment within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment, we have no cancellation fee provided you can provide the cancellation notification from your guest. If you cancel due to any other reason within the 48 hours (including a long-ago cancellation you forgot to inform us about), an $80 cancellation fee (or the regular rate of your cleaning if less than $80) will apply.

Upon request, we can have a second person inspect the property after the cleaning to ensure nothing got missed (there is a charge for this. Price depends on location). We hope to offer this service complimentary soon.

Please be available for questions during your cleaning or provide the number of someone who can speak on your behalf. If any questions arise and we are unable to reach you or a representative, we will use our best judgement and cannot be held responsible if the result is not ideal.

We employ MANY single mamas. Consequently, some of our technicians need to bring their babies and small children to some jobs. In the event you do NOT wish to have this happen, please let us know right away (this may affect our ability to perform cleaning duties for you in our Idaho branch where we employ mostly single mothers).



We bring our own equipment and supplies. If there is a special chemical, product, or piece of equipment you request us to use, we will do so, but you are assuming full responsibility should any damage occur from doing so. If you do not wish to be liable for any possible damage, please allow us to use our own equipment and supplies.


We are unable to use chemicals on self cleaning ovens without a written waiver of liability.


We are unable to move ANY pieces of furniture, appliances, etc., or climb higher than 2” without violating our insurance. If you wish to have any services done that would require us doing any of those things, you assume full responsibility for any damage or harm to any item or person that may occur. If you do not wish to take that responsibility, please do not have us perform those services. Our technicians reserve the right to refuse to perform them even if you do wish to take liability.


We cannot cleanup any hazardous wastes or materials, including (but not limited to): blood, pet waste, urine, feces, needles, drug paraphernalia, black mold, etc.. If the technician chooses to clean despite these risks, a hazard rate of $120/man hour will apply. We will document the hazard before and after cleanup for verification. You should be able to charge these additional fees to your guest.


We will alert you of any damage, abuse of property, low supplies, or other issues we find.


Treatment of cleaning technicians:


Gratuities are appreciated and can be handed right to the cleaner(s) or added to your final payment.


We have zero tolerance for any mistreatment of our technicians, including physical, verbal, or otherwise. Any mistreatment will result in us being unable to conduct any further business with you and the full balance of your appointment still being due for the date of incident.

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