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Our official bids are based on cleaning the area one time throughly (in as many visits as necessary) and include one follow-up clean a few days later (if desired) to get any resettled dust. If any additional work is performed after we have performed any cleaning resulting in the need for a re-clean, our standard rates of $40/man hour will apply. 

Window pane, track, and seal cleaning is not included in our bid. Carpet cleaning, spilled paint removal, trash removal (from job site) and other construction spills (with the exception of dust) are not included in our bid. Some of these services may be added at an additional charge.

Payment is due within 15 days of completing the cleaning. A late fee of 5% will accrue at that point and continue to accrue monthly until payment is made in full. In the event we are unable to collect payment, your account will be sent to collections and a 35% collections fee will apply.

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