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Fogging to Fight Coronavirus

What exactly is germ fogging and how can it be beneficial against Coronavirus? How effective is it and what is the cost? How long does it take? How should you prepare to have a fogging performed? And, perhaps most importantly, is it safe? Read on to find out everything we know about fighting fatal disease with fog.

First and foremost: What is germ fogging?

Germ fogging is actually an invaluable tool in protecting your home and general health. A special machine which essentially vaporizes powerful (but safe) chemicals is brought in to create either a mist (called wet fogging) or a plume of "smoke" (dry fogging) which remains in the air long enough to be effective against airborne pathogens (including Coronavirus). It is perhaps the most effective way of disinfecting your home as it is able to reach places manually disinfecting procedures cannot. And it is completely capable of wiping out Coronavirus (as well as a long list of other pathogens).

Is it actually safe?

Yes. Fogging is safe. In it's early days, there were some shady practices with chemicals which weren't proven safe, so if you do a quick google search, you may find conflicting information. Rest assured, advances in biocidal technology have come a long way and fogging is now completely safe. In fact, the chemical used is on the EPA list and is even food-safe.

As with anything, there is the potential for allergic reaction, and while the process is otherwise safe, it is still recommended that residents vacate the premises for the duration of the fogging.

How long does it take?

In total, you can expect to be out of your home for around 2 hours. One of the wonderful things about fogging is how quick the process is, so you don't need to worry about being out and exposed for a long period of time.

Is fogging effective against lice/bugs?

Unfortunately this particular kind of fogging is ineffective against bugs and parasites. HOWEVER, it is effective against odors! Even strong bio-odors like skunk or animal waste!

What is the cost?

The cost varies depending on the area you live in and the company you hire, but we find that the average starting point is around $500. However, when considering cost, there are a few factors to take into consideration. What is it worth to you to have a pathogen-free environment (especially if you are to be quarantined there for a 2-week minimum)? How much money in medical bills can you potentially save by having this service performed? How much time and energy does it save you in the long run?

How should you prepare to have a fogging done?

Your first instinct may be to pick everything up and put it securely away, but that's not totally necessary. In fact, if you are having a fogging performed because you have a confirmed contamination of any pathogen, you should leave everything exactly as it is so that it may be disinfected in the process. The only exceptions would be things like dirty dishes, which can be washed and ran through the dishwasher, and "bio film" on surfaces (such as spilled juice or food, urine, feces, etc.). It doesn't hurt to do a manual disinfecting on basic surfaces first, but leave things like bedding and (especially) children's toys out so that they may be disinfected. Don't put anything in a sealed box or container that you want to be disinfected.

How can I find someone to perform this service?

A simple google search should point you in the right direction regarding which companies in your area offer this service. You may have to do a little digging, but with any luck, you'll find a local company able to offer fogging.

If you live in or around SLC, Utah area, then we are pleased to announce we are teaming up with Asset Environmental Services, Utah's premier specialty environmental firm, to offer you these services directly through our company. Use Codeword: Koalityfog to recieve $5 off your service. Simply send us a message!


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