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Our Top 5 Tips for Your Airbnb Rental

Do you have an airbnb rental? Are you wondering what you might be able to do to make things run a little smoother? We have 5 tips for you that may go a long way toward helping you keep things organized and running as smoothly as possible.

Label Everything

Labeling things may seem tedious and excessive, but it's actually one of the very best things you can do for your airbnb/short-term rental to keep it organized. Label the shelves in the bathroom and especially the kitchen so guests and cleaners know where things go. It's not even a bad idea to label the things themselves. For example, if the blender stays on a shelf in a cabinet next to the fridge, label that section of that shelf "blender", then put a label on the blender itself.

Labeling has multiple perks. The most obvious of which is keeping things organized, but labeling also helps with inventory. It's much easier to remember what you have if there's a label for it. If something isn't in its spot, you can check around for it to determine if it's just been misplaced or if it needs replaced.

Labeling the items also helps remind guests that those items belong in your unit.

Marking the Sheets

If your unit has multiple sized beds, it can save you a ton of time to mark the tags or a corner of the sheets with a "K", "Q", etc. so it's easy to identify which size you have in hand. Keeping the sheets stacked on labelled shelves will also help keep things simple. This is especially great during same day turnovers when time is potentially tight. There's nothing worse than having to refold a bunch of sheets because you failed to grab the correct size the first time.

Keep Spares on Site

Keeping spare sets of towels, sheets, pillows, bedding, and bathmats is another major time saver in the event of a same day turnover. Being able to simply put the new things out and take the laundry elsewhere to be done can potentially save your guests from having to wait to check in while you complete and set out laundry.

It's also great to have spare pillows and bedding on site in case something is damaged during a stay.

Create a Welcome Book

Having a welcome book is another task that may seem overwhelming but can be such a benefit to you and your business. We recommend putting information such as locations of items they may need, where to find keys or parking passes, or any details about any rules or instructions you may have for your unit in there.

It's also a great idea to put pamphlets or menus from local businesses and restaurants inside. Both your guests and your local entrepreneurs will appreciate that one! It's nice to include maps of hiking trails and attractions, as well.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Having professionals care for you unit can be invaluable as it can save you from potential bad reviews regarding cleanliness, etc. Be sure to hire a company who is legitimate and trained in airbnb cleanings. Hiring a local teenager may save you some money, but they may not be equipped with the knowledge necessary to save you from those bad reviews! You can see our tips for hiring the right cleaner here.

It never hurts to have a folder with a cleaning checklist specific to your needs for them them to review. Keep some pictures of the rooms fully put together inside so they an reference how you prefer beds to be made, towels to be hung, etc.

Those our are top 5 tips for airbnb owners. Hopefully you learned a trick that can ease some stress and save you some time in the future.

Do you have something to add? Please send us a message or comment it below!


Koality Home Kleaning is a professional cleaning service serving a 50 mile radius of Salt Lake City, Ut; much of Eastern Idaho; and parts of Western, Wy. We offer residential and commercial cleaning services, including: basic and deep cleans, move in/out cleans, Airbnb/vrbo rental turnovers, basic janitorial services, and construction cleanup. We can be reached by calling or texting 385-243-8708. You can find a complete list of our services here.

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