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Top 10 Reasons You NEED a Cleaning Service in Your Life!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Let's face it, everyone on the planet loves a clean home! (Can you name one person who would rather reside in squalor? Of course not!) But maintaining a clean home is a LOT of work! Professional cleaning companies exist, but it can be hard to justify the cost of hiring a professional when it's something you can tackle on your own.

We are going to give you the top 10 reasons you NEED a cleaning service in your life (and you can use those reasons to 100% justify hiring one!)

Learn the top 10 reasons hiring a professional residential or commercial cleaning company can add value to your life.
Top 10 Reasons You NEED a Cleaning Service in Your Life

Let's start at #10 and work our way to the #1 way a professional cleaner adds value to your life:

10. A true professional will have proper knowledge of chemicals, surfaces, and safety

It doesn't take a genius to spray a surface with a general surface cleaner and wipe clean, but did you know that certain chemicals damage certain surfaces, even if it happens over an extended period of time?

A surprising number of people DON'T know which chemicals are perfectly safe and most effective on which surfaces, and one wrong move can lead to disastrous results! A professional will have this knowledge, keeping your home and family safe. (Be sure you're hiring a TRUE professional. Learn how to choose a true professional here.)

9. You don't have to keep up on the supplies

A professional cleaning team will bring their own tools and cleaning supplies, meaning you don't have to keep them in your home where your kids and pets can stumble into them. Plus, think of all the extra space you're saving by not storing all those chemicals under your sinks/in your closets/etc.! You can even skip keeping a vacuum on hand, if desired!

8. Proper sanitization

This one is especially relevant in those winter months! Proper sanitization is a little more involved that you'd think. It's actually not as simple as spraying antibacterial product all over everything and then wiping away. There is a proper process that should be followed in order to yield the best germ-fighting results. Your professional cleaner will know how to accomplish that, potentially keeping you safe from nasty germs and bacteria that find their way inside. (You can also request a green or chemical-free cleaning.)

7. You don't have to do the dreaded jobs like baseboards, blinds, and soap scum removal

Let the professionals do these awful jobs for you. They come equipped with the proper tools and chemicals necessary to make these dreaded deeds go much quicker and smoother, saving you the hassle and wear and tear on your body. Seriously, who needs that stress?

6. You can customize the service to fit your exact needs

Whether you need a cleaning service for you home, business, or other reasons, you can fine-tune the service to fit exactly what you're needing. Discuss with your professional the exact results you hope to achieve, then sit back and watch the magic happen!

5. Upkeep is SO much easier!

Cleaning between the cleaning visits is so much easier than the upkeep on your own. You'll simply need to keep on top of personal clutter and maybe dust or wipe down a surface or two in between visits, if anything at all.

Super easy-breezy!

4. Always be guest-ready!

This is one of my personal favorite reasons as I'm always having friends or family over. There is nothing better than having someone stop by either unexpectedly or by invitation and your home is 1000% ready and presentable. Trust me; your friends, family, neighbors, etc. will notice how beautiful and spotless your home always is!

3. You'll be able to appreciate your home to the fullest extent

You know how you can labor over a fantastic meal for hours and it turns out just okay, but when your mother makes the very same meal, it's absolutely delicious? There is something to be said for having services done for you that brings a special level of appreciation for the result.

That's how it feels to have your home deep (or even general) cleaned. It's so much sweeter somehow!

2. It saves you time, and time is priceless!

This one really ties for number one. Name one thing that is more valuable than time? You could say your family or your job, and those things are important, but without time, they are nothing. They wouldn't even exist, if you really think about it. So, in that way, time is the most valuable thing you have at your disposal.

Hiring a professional cleaning service to come to your home or business grants you more free time to spend doing whatever it is that you love. Whether that be spending more time with your loved ones or pampering yourself, you can do it guilt-free! Take the dog on that walk he desperately needs! The toilets are already dazzling and don't need your attention today!

1. A clean home really IS a happy home!

Think of a time when your home was a total disaster. The kids' rooms were littered with toys, the kitchen sink was filled to the brim with dirty dishes, the toilets had a vibrant yellow ring, the cat's litter was spread throughout the whole house, and dog hair covered everything. How did you feel in that moment? How do you feel when your child or spouse is making requests of you while your home is in such a state? It's super frustrating!

Now, think of a time when your home was spotless. All toys were neatly put away, beds were made, dishes were in the dishwasher, toilets were sparkling, and everything looked fabulous! How did you feel then? Much more equipped to handle other daily demands, are we right?!

The number ONE reason to hire a cleaning company is for the stress it reduces. If the responsibility isn't on you, it opens you up to being the mother (father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother, etc.) that YOU want to be! You can sit down and enjoy your time guilt-free because you aren't shirking those cleaning responsibilities -- they've been taken care of FOR you! Seriously, how wonderful is that?!

So, there you have it! 10 reasons you need to hire that cleaning service today! Between the cleaner air, the germs that have been removed, and the stress that is reduced, your overall well-being is greatly improved by hiring a professional, and we can think of nothing better than that!


Koality Home Kleaning is a professional cleaning service based out of Layton, Utah and servicing a 40 mile radius of Salt Lake City, Utah. We offer residential and commercial cleaning services, including: basic and deep cleans, move in/out cleans, Airbnb/vrbo rental turnovers, basic janitorial services, and construction cleanup. We can be reached by calling or texting 385-243-8708. You can find a complete list of our services here.

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