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Residential Move-In, General & Deep Cleans, & Recurring Services

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee your satisfaction on any custom bids we do. If anything is not up to your standards, you have 24 hours from the end of your appointment time to report it. The full balance is still due and there are no discounts or money back, however,  we will send the same technician out at no additional charge to correct the mistake. If you wish to have a different technician, one may be sent at-cost ($25/hr). Any reports made after the 24 hour window are no longer covered under our guarantee. Please let us know prior to your appointment if you wish to add any additional services. Adding additional services after your technician arrives will affect your rate and possibly void our guarantee.

Any damage must be reported within 24 hours of the end of your appointment. We (management and technicians) cannot be held responsible for any damage not reported within this window. We are unable to make exceptions for any reason. If you are going to be away during your cleaning, we recommend scheduling for a time when you’ll return home within that window. Any damage resulting from your cleaning is the liability of the cleaning technician who caused the damage (per our contract with them), but please still report it to management of Koality Home Kleaning so we can assist you in taking the appropriate actions. Koality Home Kleaning is also insured for everyone’s protection.

We may choose to perform cleanings based on a budget, but we cannot guarantee satisfaction in that case. All clients booking according to a budget are willingly giving up their right to leave any written or oral negative reviews. 


Someone must remain home or otherwise available (via phone, for example) for the crew to communicate with regarding any questions or specifics about your appointment. Any dissatisfaction that results from our inability to communicate with you is not covered under our guarantee.

Please be aware that payment is due immediately upon completion of cleaning and before the cleaning technician may leave. Time spent waiting on payment is billable at $40/man hour. 

Someone must remain on site for the whole duration of any appointments for organizing. Any items thought to be missing will be your own liability if you’re unable to be present the whole time.

Please alert us prior to our arrival of any broken or damaged items in your home. Failure to alert us ahead of time will result in us not being liable for any further damage that occurs due to our lack of knowledge.

Deposit, payment, and cancellation policy:

A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. The deposit is transferable with 72 hours notice. The deposit will not be transferable with any changes made within 72 hours of the morning of your scheduled appointment and a new deposit will be required at that time.


Payment is due immediately upon completion of the project. Any unpaid balance is subject to a late fee of $10 per week with the first fee accruing at 9pm the day of your appointment until paid in full. If you’ve booked during a special promotional price, and payment is not received on time, the promotional price will be void and our regular rate of $40/man hour will be due. If we are unable to collect, your account will be sent to collections and subject to an additional 35% collections fee.

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations made within 48 hours of the morning of your scheduled appointment will result in the full balance of your appointment still being due. This is to ensure our workers do not have any shortages in hours. If we are able to fill the appointment with another client, we will not charge the full amount and only the deposit will be lost.

We are available from 9am to 6pm to make any requests or changes.


Should one of our workers become ill or weather/road conditions prevent us from keeping our scheduled appointment, we will offer our next soonest availability or you may choose to cancel and in this case we will refund the deposit.


We bring our own equipment and supplies. If there is a special chemical, product, or piece of equipment you request us to use, we will do so, but you are assuming full responsibility should any damage occur from doing so. If you do not wish to be liable for any possible damage, please allow us to use our own equipment and supplies.


Please have all children and pets remain safe during our visit. We will be unable to keep an eye on them while performing our duty. Please have pets who are “flight risks” secured so they do not escape as we are carrying in our bulky supplies. We cannot be held responsible for missing or injured pets or children.

We are unable to use chemicals on self cleaning ovens without a written waiver of liability.

We are unable to move ANY pieces of furniture, appliances, etc., or climb higher than 2” without violating our insurance. If you wish to have any services done that would require us doing any of those things, you assume full responsibility for any damage or harm to any item or person that may occur. If you do not wish to take that responsibility, please do not have us perform those services. Our technicians reserve the right to refuse to perform them even if you do wish to take liability.

We cannot cleanup any hazardous wastes or materials, including (but not limited to): blood, pet waste, urine, feces, needles, drug paraphernalia, black mold, etc.. You must disclose these items to us before our arrival. Failure to do so will result in us being unable to perform the duties, but the balance will still be due in full. If the technician chooses to clean despite these risks, a hazard rate of $120/man hour will apply. We will document the hazard before and after cleanup for verification purposes.

Please have working conditions that are appropriate. We require running water, electricity, and a temperature between 65 and 75 degrees. Please alert us ahead of time if any of these conditions will not be met so we can prepare. Failure to alert us may result in our inability to complete the duties, but the full balance will be due.

Treatment of cleaning technicians:

Gratuities are appreciated and can be handed right to the cleaner(s) or added to your final payment.

We have zero tolerance for any mistreatment of our technicians, including physical, verbal, or otherwise. Any mistreatment will result in us being unable to conduct any further business with you and the full balance of your appointment still being due.

Your rights:

You have the right to request a technician to leave your home if they make you uncomfortable. Please alert management right away and we will pull them from your home and send a replacement at our earliest availability to complete the job. Please note that the full balance will be due at the time of the original appointment.

We have a no-smoking policy. If your technician arrives and smells of smoke, please alert management immediately and we will get a replacement technician out at our earliest availability.

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