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Terms of Service

Thank you for hiring Koality Home Kleaning! See below our list of terms and conditions for doing business with our company. Please select your service below to review the terms of your cleaning. 










For all services, the following terms apply:


You have 24 hours to report any damages caused by our technicians. Koality Home Kleaning and our Cleaning Technicians cannot be held responsible for any damage reported outside of 24 hours from the end of your appointment time. We recommend having your cleaning done during a time when you will be home within 24 hours to review the work done.


All late accounts are subject to late fees. Any accounts we are unable to collect on will be reported to a collections agency and will be subject to a 35% collections fee.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy for abuse of our workers and staff. This includes verbal, physical, or any other sort of abuse. Reported abuse will result in our inability to further conduct business with you and any appointment balances will still be due.

If you disagree with any of our conditions, please let us know within 90 minutes of scheduling your appointment to receive a return on your deposit. Any cancellations outside of that 90 minute window will be subject to our standard cancellation policies. We may be reached via text or phone call at 385-243-8708 (Utah) and 208-757-4010 (Idaho).


Keeping your scheduled appointment means you have read and agree to all terms of service.

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